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Guest Speakers

We invite lecturers mostly in IT from all over the world to make presentations on interesting topics.

Materials Guest Speaker Date
Milena Stefanova -Software Engineering Milena Stefanova, Komptel 25.06.2016г
Martin Marinovартин – How to do software used by million users? Martin Marinov, Amazon – Edinburgh 24.04.2016г
Discrete math – Literature Radoslav Georgiev – HackBulgaria 13.09.2015г
Server Side vs Client Side programming (video) Veselin Dikov, Google – Seattle 29.07.2015г
Entrepreneurship (pics) Justin Toms, ABC Design and Communication
Emil A. Georgiev
On-page SEO.pdf
On page SEO – Nikolay Mirev (video)
Off-page SEO.pdf
Off page SEO – Nikolay Mirev (video)
Nikolay Mirev, SEO expert
Frist Online Solutions